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Gordon Sheppard is a Professional Speaker who delivers practical information that will help your audience to get inspired and take action!

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With more than 25 years of Strategic Management, Facilitation, Communications, and Marketing experience, combined with a ‘straight-forward’ approach to helping people to reach their goals, Gord will ensure that your audience is laughing while they learn.

So if you’re looking for the right balance of entertainment and actionable information, then Gord is the right choice to help make your event even more memorable.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT MEETINGS (and how to fix them…)

Should your last meeting have been an email instead? Are you burnt out because you’re getting called to too many meetings during the day, which means that you have to do your regular work at night? These are just a few of the ‘truth bombs’ you’ll discover in ‘The Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them…).

During this honest and practical presentation Gord ‘tells it like it is’ about why so many of our meetings are so bad. But not only does he say the things out loud that you’ve been dying to say, he also offers practical solutions that will help you turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

  • Identify bad meeting habits and discover why it’s hurting your customers
  • Learn how to measure the actual cost of a meeting so you can stop wasting time and money
  • Get practical tips and information that you can apply immediately to make your next meeting more productive and profitable
  • Learn how to fire a bad meeting facilitator in the right way
  • Learn how to connect your meetings directly to your strategy so you can build a stronger organization and serve your clients at a higher level and more

This Keynote presentation is for Senior Leaders, CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers who are seeking education and inspiration to take control of unproductive meetings so they can build stronger organizations.



Ready to take your meetings to the next level? Then you and your team are going to love the Effective Meetings Professional Development Workshop!

Based on the proven 10-step system in Gord Sheppard’s book called The Meeting Leadership Solution, during this session you’ll get the practical tips, information and inspiration you need to turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

  • Step 1 – Learn why great meeting start with you and how you can be accountable
  • Step 2 – Deepen team trust through learning fast, practical communications techniques
  • Step 3 – Learn how to calculate the actual cost of a meeting so that you don’t waste a single second
  • Step 4 – Become an awesome meeting facilitator
  • Step 5 – Learn how to connect each meeting directly to your organization strategy so you can serve your clients at a higher level
  • Step 6 – Find out how to build a blockbuster AGENDA that will excite your entire team
  • Step 7 – Learn why where you meet is as important as what you’re meeting about
  • Step 8 – Get awesome meeting productivity improvement resources
  • Step 9 – Learn how to follow up FAST
  • Step 10 – Get inspired and take action!

This workshop/break-out session is for people of all levels from Senior Leaders, CEOs and Executive Directors to Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers. It can be done for group sizes from 8-30 people (and more if there are assistants available). This Workshop has also been adapted for speaking from the stage, and at conferences it is a strong complement to the ‘Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them…)’ Keynote Presentation.

“I enjoyed this event (Gord’s Truth About Healthcare Meetings presentation) and took away several nuggets that I can implement into my meeting structure to create some quick wins in facilitating efficient and effective meetings. I appreciated Gord’s knowledge from an “outside of health care” view and the group participation to enlist rich ideas from allied professionals”.
Darren Crawford
Care Manager - Alberta Health Services, Addiction & Mental Health

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Why Have Gordon Sheppard Speak At Your Event?

Gord is passionate about helping leaders to succeed, which is why he is dedicated to providing practical information that they can easily put into action.

Gord has successfully presented workshops across Canada and the United States for a wide variety of organizations including; AICPA; APEGA; PMI Northern Alberta; Economic Developers Association of Alberta; Calgary and Area Medical Staff Society; CPHR Alberta; MARCOM; University of Alberta; King’s University; Concordia University; Burman University; Rotary District 5360; Alberta Girl Guides; ATB Financial: APC – Administrative Professionals Conference and more.

Gord  is the President and CEO of Expert Training Solutions Inc., a company that provides the right expert at the right time to help business leaders solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

He is also a Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Meeting Facilitator, and Trainer who combines a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, and Prosci Change Management Certification, to deliver a unique, people-centred approach that helps leaders to succeed.

Gord has worked successfully with CEOs, Executives, Managers, Employees, Students and Volunteers across all sectors. You can hire Gord to facilitate difficult conversations, help you build your organization strategy, teach you how to produce and market online courses, do leadership development, coach your team, speak at your event, do a customized meeting improvement workshop and more.

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