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Developing and coaching leaders is one of our biggest strengths. We help teach you the skills you need to become an effective leader.


We believe strongly in training (so much so it's in our name!). We can help train your internal team or create training programs for your company.

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"If you would like to engage your staff or students in an interactive session, contact Gordon Sheppard. Gord will share valuable information and strategies to make your meetings worthwhile, productive and engaging."
Marg Ralstin​
Manager - Macewan University​

Business Coaching, Change Management, and Leadership Development

Who Do We Work With

We offer our management consulting services to the the following organizations:

Business Coaching, Change Management, and Leadership Development

Why Work With Expert Training Solutions?​

We’ll meet with your team to understand your needs and discuss options. Once we’ve created a custom strategy to assist with needs, our team is there every step of the way to ensure success. 

Speaking Engagements​

Want An Engaging Professional Speaker?​

If you need a practical and engaging Professional Speaker inspire your conference attendees, or to do a practical workshop for your team, then here’s why Gordon Sheppard is a great choice.

Gordon Sheppard is an experienced and funny professional speaker who delivers practical information and the inspiration you need to take action!

With more than 20 years of consulting, communications and marketing experience Gordon Sheppard has helped auidences across North America to dramatically improve their leadership skills and also learn a systematic approach to developing highly engaging eLearning programs.

Gordon is the CEO and Founder of Expert Training Solutions. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Gordon worked for over 15 years producing educational communications and marketing assets for a variety of organizations across sectors.

Roles have also included being the Manager of Creative Services for Citytv and as an educational video producer for ACCESS TV and TVOntario. 

Gordon is an eLearning Expert, Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant, Trainer and Author and he has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Prosci Change Management Certification.

Gord is also a proud husband, father and he volunteers as the President of the YEG Passport Rotary Club.

So if you’re looking for the right balance of entertainment and actionable information, then Gordon is the right choice to help make your event more memorable.

Current Presentations

Is your organization ready to produce online courses, but you don’t know where to start?

Have you already tried to produce an online course, but you didn’t finish it, or not enough people actually used it?

If your organization is looking for answers to these types of questions, then this presentation is for you.

During this presentation you’ll gain the practical knowledge and confidence you need to successfully produce and promote online courses.

And everything you learn is will be based on the proven Online Course Creation 5-Step System.

1. Plan – In the first step you’ll learn how to build an easy-to-follow ‘roadmap’ that will guide you through every step of the eLearning creation process.

2. Prove – In step 2 you’ll learn how to do a 30-day ‘Proof of Concept’ process. This approach will help you to validate your ‘big course’ goals by creating a bite-sized piece and showing it to real students who will then give you real feedback about whether or not your big online course idea is even needed.

3. Promote – Now you that you know your strategy and you have validated your full online course concept, it’s time begin your promotion plan. This includes developing a free marketing strategy, as well as laying out a plan for a paid digital marketing campaign. During step three you’ll learn the critical lesson about why you should begin marketing before you start to build your online course.

4. Produce – From outline to full curriculum development, slide deck creation to recording and more, during the fourth step you’ll get a full checklist of what you need to do to create a highly engaging online course.

5. Perform – Now that your course has been produced and it’s also being effectively promoted, it’s time to measure your results. So in step 5you’ll learn how to measure success, as in, total sales $, number of students and more.

Plan. Prove. Promote. Produce. Peform.

By learning the proven Online Course Creation 5-Step System, you will be setting your organization up for success when it comes to building and distributing highly engaging eLearning for your employees, customers, members, and volunteers.

Session Details

This presentation is flexible and can be offered as a Keynote Presentation or as a Workshop. It is intended for Senior Leaders who want to move their organizations forward by getting rapid suggestions about how to handle the production and distribution of online courses so they can reduce costs and reach more customers.

This presentation includes a 16 page workbook and resource guide.

Can’t get customers to show up for your live training sessions?

Wondering why you don’t get as many members out to your annual conventions as you would like to?

Hate spending so much money to pay experts to do professional development training for your staff?

You know you’ve got great information to teach.

But you also know that many of the people you want reach only want to learn on their own time, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Which means that’s it’s time to offer your own online courses, but where do you start?

Have no fear because in this session Gordon Sheppard will give you a practical understanding of everything you need to know when it comes to producing and marketing online courses for your organization.

He’ll also give you an honest assessment of what will happen if you don’t.

Learner Outcomes Include:

Figuring out how to change Senior Leadership attitudes when it comes to embracing new technology
Understanding how to produce your first online course and how much it will cost
Learning how to market an online course so that you reach as many people as possible
Finding out how to connect the whole process to your overall Marketing Strategy so that you make the best use of your overall resources
Understanding the real threat of remaining ‘status-quo’ and what will happen if you don’t move quickly into the digital age of content producing and marketing (e.g. Blockbuster)

Session Details

This presentation is flexible and can be offered as a Keynote Presentation or as a Workshop. It is intended for Senior Leaders who want to move their organizations forward by getting rapid suggestions about how to handle the production and distribution of online courses so they can reduce costs and reach more customers.

This presentation includes a 16 page workbook and resource guide.

Are you a leaders who wants to learn how to run better meetings?

Then you are going to love the Effective Meetings For Leaders Professional Development Workshop!

Based on the proven 10-step system in Gordon Sheppard’s book called ‘The Meeting Leadership Solution’, during this session you’ll get the practical tips, information and inspiration you need to turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

Learner Outcomes:

Step 1 – Learn why great meeting start with you and how you can be accountable

Step 2 – Deepen team trust through learning fast, practical communications techniques

Step 3 – Learn how to calculate the actual cost of a meeting so that you don’t waste a single second

Step 4 – Become an awesome meeting facilitator

Step 5 – Learn how to connect each meeting directly to your organization strategy so you can serve your clients at a higher level

Step 6 – Find out how to build a blockbuster AGENDA that will excite your entire team

Step 7 – Learn why where you meet is as important as what you’re meeting about

Step 8 – Get awesome meeting productivity improvement resources

Step 9 – Learn how to follow up FAST

Step 10 – Get inspired and take action!

Session Details:

This workshop/break-out session is for people of all levels from Senior Leaders, Project Managers, CEOs and Executive Directors to Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers. It can be done for group sizes from 8-30 people. This Workshop has also been adapted for speaking from the stage.

Case study

The 'Condo 101' Online Course​

The Canadian Condominium Institute – North Alberta Chapter (CCI-NAC) is the voice of everyone who is involved with Condominiums in Northern Alberta. CCI-NAC delivers enhanced education opportunities in the form of a magazine, live courses and an outstanding annual conference. In 2017 CCI-NAC partnered with MLI Interactive to learn how to produce and deliver ‘Condo 101’ – an online course that will help condo board members across Alberta learn how to become more effective.​

Speaking Case study

How To Produce Online Courses So You Can Reduce Training Costs And Reach More Customers

I really enjoyed presenting ‘How To Produce Online Courses So You Can Reduce Training Costs And Reach More Customers’ at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre in Edmonton! The group included a great mix of highly engaged business owners, professionals and executives who were all hungry to learn about how to add online courses into their overall marketing mix.​

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