Step 3


Now it’s time to create a plan to get your team on board and get the necessary buy-in to implement successful change. 

How to implement an effective marketing strategy

Now that you know your strategy and you have validated the need or concept, it’s time to begin your promotion plan. This could include:

  • Overall marketing plan
  • Internal communication strategy
  • Paid digital marketing opportunities
  • Search engine optimization process
  • Referral or affiliate marketing program

Included in this step

Some of the key areas we will tackle in Step 3:

Communication Plan

We’ll work with you to create a detailed and comprehensive plan to promote and communicate. This could be an internal promotion and communication plan (to your employees or stakeholders) or and external plan (to your students or customers). 


Depending on what you need, we will ensure you are connected with the proper resources to execute your strategy. Through our network of experts, we have a team ready and available for whatever you need.


Making sure all of your promotion items convey a clear message is essential. We will ensure that all of your materials have the right messaging that is easy to understand for your audience. 

Social Media

Even though social media can feel overwhelming sometimes, we will show you the tips and tricks to master your social media platforms to help enhance your business.

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But before you start building a full online course you have to have your promotion strategy in place.

And because you just completed the ‘proof of concept’ step, during which you surveyed a sample of potential students, then you already have feedback about the way that the students want to receive information about the course.

For example, the sample group of students will have told you about their experience with other online courses.

Were they too long? Too short? Was the exam too difficult? Are they now implementing the skills they learned from those online courses? How did they find out about those other courses?

There are many aspects that you can learn from a sample group of students that will influence how you set up the marketing campaign for your next online course.

Along with what you’ve learned from the sample group, you can also do an inventory of all the free or low cost marketing channels that you already have available which may include: Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube; word of mouth amongst your staff; a newsletter etc.

We recommend that you start with these low cost efforts first, so you can work out the imagery, text and tone that you want to use in the way that you advertise your online course.

Then you can move on to paid advertising options, and we can get you started on thinking about budgets and a responsible approach that will help you to get real results.

Step 3


Now it’s time to create a plan to get your team on board and get the necessary buy-in to implement successful change. 

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