Our Process

With our proven 5-step process, we will help take your business goals from ideation to implementation.

Why did we build a 5-Step system?

We built our 5-step process to help organizations navigate through change and implement effective and practical solutions. Without a process in place, the necessary changes might not happen within an organization, and

The Expert Training Solutions 5-Step Process

As we understand your business goals at a deeper level, we’ll introduce you to our 5-Step System. With our proven process, we will guide you through each phase to create a custom solution for your business needs.


How to prepare a successful and sustainable strategy

Preparing and planning for change is the first step towards ensuring effective implementation. This could mean:

  • Creating a road-map to building out your online course
  • Building an outline for your strategic plan
  • Setting a process for your employee training


How to execute an efficient ‘Proof of Concept’ process

In step 2 you’ll learn how to do a 30-day ‘Proof of Concept’ process. This approach will help you to validate your goals by creating a bite-sized piece and testing that piece before jumping in headfirst and tackling the entire project.


How to implement an effective marketing strategy

Now that you know your strategy and you have validated the need or concept, it’s time to begin your promotion plan. This could include:

  • Overall marketing plan
  • Internal communication strategy
  • Paid digital marketing opportunities
  • Search engine optimization process
  • Referral or affiliate marketing program


How to turn your plan into action

This is the most exciting step of the process where we get to work implementing your strategy. We outline each task of the process and ensure it is assigned to someone and has a deadline to keep everyone on the project accountable to the end goal.


How to measure results and standardize the process

Now that we’ve worked through the change management process, it’s time to analyze the results. We’ll outline important key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are relevant to your business and explore how to understand those metrics as measurements of your success plan.

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