Our Proven 5-Step Process

With the Online Course Creation 5-Step Process, we’ll help you build and deliver a successful online training program.

The Online Course Creation 5-Step Process

Our process is easy to remember because it follows the 5 Ps.

After going through this process, you’ll have a robust training program that will get results, and last for many years to come.

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In the first step we learn about your goals and then come up with a plan that will help your online training program to be successful.

We start by listening.

Once we understand your needs, then we analyze the overall situation. After this we work with you to create a practical plan that you can move forward with.

As we help you put the plan into motion we move into Step 2.


If you want your online training program to be successful, then you have to test a bite-sized part of the program with real people and get their feedback.

Too often we have seen leaders build an entire online training program – and only after it is built do they find out that it wasn’t quite the right fit for students – or that it had too much information that nobody cared about. So in Step 2 we help you do an experiment by producing a small part of your program and showing it to a test audience – so we can get valuable feedback about how to move forward.


During this step we help you learn how to tell everyone about the benefits of your online training program.

Many leaders focus on creating an online training program – but they forget to promote it. So in Step-3 we help you market your online training program so that your target audience will know that it exists, get excited about it and complete it.


Now that we have validated your idea and know that people actually want this online training, it's time to move into production.

With all of our experience we’ll make sure that you don’t miss a step when it comes to building and distributing your online training program. From learning objectives to course outline, choosing an online platform and having a plan to maintain it, we’ve got you covered.


Once you have launched your online training program it's important to measure the results and do proper maintainance.

In the final step we’ll help you focus on key data points that will help you judge the success of your program. We’ll also help you to identify the true cost of resources, time and money it will take to maintain your online training program in the future.


After completing the Online Course Creation 5-Step Process you’ll be able to deliver a successful online training program and move your business forward.

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